BNV21 Night Vision Binoculars 5X-8X Zoom 5X-8X Zoom for Day and Night

We’re going where no binoculars have gone before – because binoculars should do so much more than magnify what reaches beyond the eye. Our innovative team has completely overhauled the binocular concept from the ground up, going back to the first days of binoculars in 1702. Through comprehensive redesigning and analysis of the binoculars’ most frustrating flaws, we’ve created something with a bigger screen, built-in night vision that lasts for up to 8 hours on a single charge, and the power to bring the darkness to life, and light-like never before in history.

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TNV21 Night Vision With Rangefinder Thermal

TNV10 features type-c, HDMI and TF card slot for maximum efficiency.

  • Type-c port: charging, connecting to a power bank, power cable or a laser rangefinder.
  • Mini HDMI: connecting to display for real-time monitoring.
  • TF card: storing photos; supports up to 32GB.TNV10 also has three screw holes for DIY connecting to rail of rifles, however, it is not capable of being a scope.
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NV30 High-performance Handheld Night Vision Monocular

Are you an outdoor living enthusiast? NV30 night view monocular has all you need to enjoy the experience and stay safe. Efficient to use during night or day it provides high-definition, clear view in full color. In addition, it enables the recording of 1080p HD photos or videos within twice the standard distance. Unlike other similar products, it also has F1.4 adjustable aperture.

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