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NV30 High-performance Handheld Night Vision Monocular

NV30 High-performance Handheld Night Vision Monocular

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Product Description:

Are you an outdoor living enthusiast? NV30 night view monocular has all you need to enjoy the experience and stay safe. Efficient to use during night or day it provides high-definition, clear view in full color. In addition, it enables the recording of 1080p HD photos or videos within twice the standard distance. Unlike other similar products, it also has F1.4 adjustable aperture.

Risks and challengesIf you are gearing up for hunting, farming, rescue, and other outdoor adventures, this gadget should be in your backpack.

Superior Magnification Functionality: NV30 features a powerful Sony IMX night vision sensor which generates images with less noise and greater clarity, thus providing superior night vision. You can make use of it during various activities, including night hunting, scouting games, security and surveillance, camping, cave exploration, night navigation, night fishing and boating, wildlife observation, search and rescue, scenery viewing, etc.

On top of that, NV30 ensures superior image quality thanks to the 40mm multi-layer coated objective lens made from glass which provides 80% light transmittance with less glare. The 12-lens design will delight everyone looking for a clearer picture and more vibrant color.

Extended Observation Range: Get a clear view no matter how far from the observed target you are. You can do so easily, using the monocular’s IR lamp. If the object is far from you pull the lamp forward to put the monocular into the spotlight mode. In case the object is close, push the lamp backward to turn on the astigmatism mode that extends the viewing radius.

Observation distance: Total black state -350M, Low light state -500M, Light infinity.

Superior Magnification Functionality: 

NV30 comes with a powerful zoom so you can observe and analyze your surroundings. It enables 6x optical manual zoom with the maximum F1.4 aperture adjustment and a 60x digital magnification setting. If you observe objects located far away, the picture quality will still be very delicate, including fine details.

Night Vision in Full Color: 

NV30 makes your night explorations a lot more interesting thanks to a unique Observing Under Sunlight. Designed to solve the technical shortcomings of traditional night vision goggles, this monocular comes with a unique full-color night mode which lets you see the color palette of your surroundings. It also has night black and white mode and infrared fill light mode.

3 Levels of IR Infrared Light: NV30 built-in 3-level infrared fill light which enables you to see clearly and far even in total darkness.

Image Adjustment: NV30 supports 9 levels of brightness, contrast adjustment, and 5 LCD brightness adjustment modes, you can get a better picture by adjusting the brightness and contrast when you are looking at your photos.

Advantages of the NV30:

Designed for Comfortable Viewing  Experience:

If your eyesight is not ideal, NV30 can help in several ways. It has several features designed to relieve eye fatigue, including a large eyepiece with a 40mm objective, an objective lens with a multi-layer coating that enables higher transmittance with less glare, and a soft silicone skin-friendly hood.

Efficient HD Display:

NV30 enables a premium viewing experience via a 3-inch IPS color display providing 1080-pixel, high-definition images. The HD technology processes the image through a unique imaging system which makes the wide-screen viewing field broader.

Video resolution: 1920*1080@30FPS

Photo resolution: 2560*1440, 1920*1080, 1280*720.

Comfortable Ergonomic Design: Inspired by the concept of deep space exploration, NV30 boasts a unique modern design. The product shape embodies a high and low design method which makes it easy to hold on the upper and lower end. The main body of the product is coated in full-grade soft glue and has a matte surface for a comfortable grip.

Super Battery Life: NV30 comes with a built-in 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery. It can be continuously used for 7 hours or for 4-5 hours with the IR lamp lighting on. The setup supports a solar charging board, charging treasure, mobile, and direct charging. It offers you great flexibility ideal for outdoor use.

Large-size Storage: NV30 is particularly convenient if you want to record a lot of material. The monocular comes with a 32GB memory card which can store 80,000 photos and up to 10 hours of video content. The maximum memory card size supported is 256G. Thanks to the large capacity you can use it for hours without worrying about memory limitations.

NV30 enables real-time viewing of photo albums, USB connection data transfer to the computer, and a card reader to view the files.

Wristband for Safe Handing: The monocular is equipped with a handheld wristband to prevent it from slipping out of your hand during use. Carrying it this way is safer and more convenient particularly when there is low visibility outside.

Tripod Interface for Better Stability:  This monocular features a 1/4” standard tripod interface on the side and bottom so you can easily ensure the final image is clear and not shaky and/or free your hands.

Also, the monocular is IP65 level waterproof and resistant to water drops or mist.


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