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TNV21 Night Vision With Rangefinder Thermal

TNV21 Night Vision With Rangefinder Thermal

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TNV10 features type-c, HDMI and TF card slot for maximum efficiency.

  • Type-c port: charging, connecting to a power bank, power cable or a laser rangefinder.
  • Mini HDMI: connecting to display for real-time monitoring.
  • TF card: storing photos; supports up to 32GB.TNV10 also has three screw holes for DIY connecting to rail of rifles, however, it is not capable of being a scope.

TNV10 can be connected to an external laser distance finder for a higher accuracy. Once you connect the devices press the “zoom in” key for 1 second and the display will show you the distance from the targeted objects. This way you can position your targets more precisely.

The lens of TNV10 adopts vanadium oxide (VOX) technology, which makes its images delicate and clear. The utilization of small and dense pixel-spacing design expands the field of view, improves thermal sensitivity, lengthens detection and recognition distance, lowers power consumption and speeds up the start-up process.

The lens are made of germanium glass, which has high refractive coefficient, makes it only transparent for infrared light, and opaque to visible light and ultraviolet, so that it can be used to identify animals and plants in an extremely dark environment. The imaging of it is also sufficiently good, however, the cost of germanium lens is also higher and that is the reason why it is often applied on high-end lens.

TNV10 has a young and cool facade which brings extra fun to outdoor activities. Its minimalist design consists of the body made from silver-gray magnesium aluminum steel and styling details including bow and arrow totem as a sign of respect for traditional hunting. The combination of modern and traditional aesthetics makes it stand out among other models with a more traditional look. TNV10 has highly efficient detection and imaging functionalities, ideal for everyone seeking a detailed view of nearby objects and surrounding environment. It is equipped with a 256*192 sensitive thermal sensor that has a pixel size of 12μm and NETD<40mK. Users can also benefit from its unique DDE images enhancing technology, adaptive brightness and contrast.

 To achieve ideal visibility, this monocular offers you five different display modes: white-hot, black-hot, green-hot, red-hot and iron-red. You can easily switch between them by pressing the 'M' button on the controls.TNV 10 offers you superior quality imaging and 550m observation range. It is equipped with 729*576 high-resolution LCOS screen and 11mm (f1.0) athermalized Prime lens which reduce the impact of different temperature in your ambience to provide a clear view. The monocular also has a digital zooming functionality which can make the image 2 or 4 times clearer.

 The most practicle and affordable specification

TNV10 offers you an extra long, efficient performance. It is equipped with a high-capacity lithium battery that can continuously operate for incredible 16 hours! Moreover, you also can connect it to a power bank or charge it inside your vehicle.

Whereas most thermal imaging monocular models on the market can only work properly under the temperature of up to -4 degrees Fahrenheit, TNV10 can still function if the temperature drops to -22 degrees Fahrenheit. This resiliency makes it a perfect tool for hunting in the snow. The charging is also quite easy with the type-c port and we recommend using 5V/2A adaptors, which can fully charge it in 5 hours.  

TVN10 is small in size and you can easily hold it with one hand. It weighs only 310g.The control keys on the gadget are ergonomically designed so your fingers can easily reach the buttons while you hold it. Also, the easy one-hand hold reduces the need for movement and makes it easier to hide in the dark whilst you observe your target.Adjusting the focus of the monocular is very easy. You just need to turn the button on the left side of the observation opening with your thumb.

TNV10 is comfortable to use. The eyepiece is made from environmentally friendly silicone which is gentle to wear on the eye even during a long period of timThe design of the device features multiple openings which ensure smooth performance. You can use two screw openings on the bottom to optimize the view by connecting the monocular to a stabilizer or a tripod handheld screen. The three side openings can be used to install laser rangefinder.The waterproof rubber cover keeps the connection ports safe from water and ensures the type-c, HDMI, and TF card slot work properly.The TNV10 design is resistant against external damage. It meets the IP65 dustproof and waterproof level, which means that the monocular can work properly even in rainy weather. Also, there will be no damage if it gets dropped from up to one-meter height.This thermal imaging monocular model can be used for multiple purposes, including: geometry observation, hunting, farm and orchard night surveillance, camping and hiking, outdoor search and rescue.

Need a crystal clear view? You can connect TNV10 to a 4.5-inch HD screen which has specific unit for digital signal processing and professional LED display, with advantages of High Brightness, Low Power Consumption and High Stability. It supports 4K AV/HDMI input/output, stereo audio output (via earphone), and it is suitable for various scenarios with compact size, easy operation, ultimate portability and high compatibility.The HD screen can also be connected to any other devices need display, such as cameras, computers, and used as a 4.5-inch monitor which supports 1X, 4X, 9X, 16X zoom. Its built-in manual can configure 8 different languages and 7 display ratios such as 4:3, 16:9, etc.

 Advanced features include focus assist, image flip, histogram, center marker, safe frame, monochrome display, image freeze, etc, which make it an ideal portable and lightweight framing companion monitor for long-time watching without tiring the eyes.

 Advanced features include focus assist, image flip, histogram, center marker, safe frame, monochrome display, image freeze, etc, which make it an ideal portable and lightweight framing companion monitor for long-time watching without tiring the eyes. 

The monitor is also equipped with an external battery plate, which can be powered by an external battery or a mains power adapter. Did we mention that it can be installed in so many different ways and in so many different angles, and rotated 360? It can be easily installed with stabilizer, tripod or other equipment, now you can always have the best view angle and your video making is much more convenient.We understand the importance of quality connections. We have been working with experienced supply chain experts and building relationships to begin marketing campaign. We have done our homework and believe we have the best production team possible. As we are confident we will keep to our planned schedule, there are still unexpected risks that are out of our control. Maintaining quality in each step can lead to some hiccups, especially when dealing with thousands of orders. We are confident that our team has planned meticulously to reduce these issues or problems. By backing our product, you are present at every stage of our progress, up till it reaches your home. Thank you for the support!

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