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Rain Golf - PF1 Waterproof Golf Rangefinder (Suspended)

Rain Golf - PF1 Waterproof Golf Rangefinder (Suspended)

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Perfect golf-weather days are rare in many countries. It happens every once in a while—your beautiful golf day gets dark and gloomy as the rain and wind start up. Rainy days and bad weather can have a profound effect on a golfer’s confidence and score. However, being capable of playing well in bad weather conditions is essential when trying to master the sport.

This is exactly what drives us to build a highly waterproof golf rangefinder with next-gen flag-locking algorithm that helps golfers to beat the odds and keep playing at a high level, even on wet and windy days.

Stay dry no matter what with our unbeatable duo—the device and our waterproof carrying bag. Investing in a reliable waterproof bag is a smart move to protect your device from water damage. Not only does it offer a peace of mind, but it also ensures that your device always stays safe and functional in any weather conditions. With a waterproof bag, you don't have to worry about getting caught in a sudden downpour or accidentally dropping your device in a puddle. Plus, it's a small investment that can save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing costly repairs or replacements.


With next-gen flag-locking algorithms based on years of research by our engineers, the tour-proven PF1 laser rangefinder emerges with record-breaking instant flag-locking speed (up to 0.1 seconds) and precision. You are guaranteed the best precision and consistent flag-locking rate, even with a shaky hand or a swing flag pin in the wind.

With an integral monocular lens of record-breaking high light transmission, excellent contrast & anti-glare muti-coating, PF1 makes measurements comfortably visible within the bright crystal-clear LCD display thanks to the brilliant optics, delivering sharp and steady view even in bad-weather days.

PF1 easily captures the target far away up to 1,000 yards thanks to the 6x magnification lens. E.g. It will make a flag 1,000 yards away look clear and visible as a flag only 25 yards away.

With wide 7.5° wide field of view, PF1 provides a much wider and clearer perspective and changes the way you see the course.

Bad-weather days and hilly courses can even make the lightest bag a big load for 18 holes. That is why the PF1 was designed to be ultra-lightweight and compact. Say "good bye" to bulky guys; the rangefinder is only 3.78 *2.52 *1.42 inches & fits right in your pockets.

Thanks to its exclusive consecutive reflective signal processing algorithm and double calibration(DC) of flag-locking range technology, PF1 offers a pinpoint accuracy with +/- 1 yard and a tour-level ranging distance up to 1,000 yardages, providing a super competitive edge to your game.

A shaky hand, a swing pin in the wind. PF110 delivers a swift and accurate distance reading in a single shot despite these hassles. The confidence you need from PF1 expertly dials in your distances.

Knowing the course ahead changes your game dramatically. PF1 allows you to quickly scan the crucial areas of the hole. The “scan mode” measures distances to hazards, mounds, water features, pins, and trees, allowing you to construct successful strategic planning & stay ahead of the game.With 100 % certainty, PF1 automatically seeks the flag and emits a vibration alert to confirm you have locked on your target, not objects behind it.

Based on the big data and pro-level technology, the slope mode taking the guesswork out of club selection when facing an elevation change. Distance is adjusted based on the uphill or downhill for a “true distance”.

Slope on/off

An actual distance indicator turns on /off to signal to the observer if the slope is activated. When the slope must be off for legal play, the indicator light will simultaneously turn off to signal compliance. It complies with USGA local rule 14-3 for legal tournament play when the actual distance mode is selected.

Adjust the clarity and fine-tune your vision with just a twist of the focus ring of the rangefinder. PF1 enables an immersive HD viewing experience and allows you to feel the course in your hand.

With a sleek design and made of the very best materials with high-quality workmanship, PF1 is durable and rugged enough for constant long-lasting hard use. Pick up the rangefinder and you’ll find how solid it is.Inspired by the blue ocean and patterns of white coral reefs, it delivers a concept of class, elegance, and beauty, and gives a modern feel with its matte white finish and precisely machined metal.

Powered by an 800 mAh rechargeable lithium battery, PF1 provides a run time of up to 5 hours and gives measurements up to 15,000 times. The cutting-edge USB-C charging port supports multiple charging solutions - a power bank, car power, and outdoor power.

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