Q:Does ot have tripot mount?
A:Yes. It can be mounted on a tripod.

Q:Do these digital optics have a shutter time? How many Frames per Second is the video mode? does it use a 180 degree shutter angle?
A:Not really my forte, I cannot speak to the technical specs to any level of detail
I can say the image quality is limited especially in night vision mode

Q:Any issues at dusk or dawn in the twilight?
A:It works well. You can decide whether to turn on the infrared light according to the environment.

Q:How long does the Lithium battery last?
A:The lithium battery can be recharged up to 600 times continuously and can be used for 2.5-5 hours after each full charge.

Q:Can you use regular batteries with this item ?
A:Yeah, you can use batteries of the same specification. It comes with a 3.7V 16340 rechargeable battery. Hope it can be helpful.

Q:sirve para rifle?
A:Hello it cannot be used for shotting, but you can use it to take video when you are hunting.

Q:Whats the battery life if its Continuously running?
A:About 45 min to 1hour. Depending on the mode you use.

Q:Is anyone having trouble keeping this charged? I charge it all night and I turns off in 5 mins or less
A:Go to settings and turn the timer off. If your device doesn't hold a charge. The company will help you.

Q:Can it be used to track a deer.. from the blood trail?
A:hello you can use it in the night, it can help you see clearer.

Q:Runs about 3 minutes and display pops up shut down. And I can only see about 40 yards
A:Hello, thanks for your question, please charge the device bafore use, in order to service you better please contact us by station messages, waiting for your reply.

Q:Does this monocular record sound?
A:Hello yes it can record the sound, connect the PC to view the video.

Q:Whats the battery life if its Continuously running?
A:After full charge, it can be used for about 2.5 hours continuously when the infrared lighting is turned on; it can be used for up to 5 hours in the daytime.

Q:Is the tripod screw directly centered under the unit so it can go on a gun sight rail w adapter and have the eyepiece centered above rail?
A:No. The tripod screw closer to the front of the unit. This monocular is more suitable as a handheld unit to identify or locate rather than a rifle scope.

Q:Where is it made?

Q:Is it suitable for stargazing? Possibly seeing object no visible to the naked eye? Or does it not absorb light from that distance?
A:Not like other devices I have used

Q:Is it clear at night, how far can the actual effective distance be seen? Is it suitable for hunting at night?
A:Yeah, It's clear and perfect for hunting at night. you can observe the prey clearly and hunt.

Q:Can I mount this on my double barrel shotgun for night hunting deer?
A:No. It is not rated for the shock of a rifle or shotgun. It also does not have adjustments. You may want to check with your local game warden about what the fine is for night hunting deer.

Q:Will this attach to a helmet?
A:You could try but it would take some customization.

Q:do you have an instruction manual for this item.bbecuse I m vng trouble with my limited knowledge of the item. I a going to have to send it back if I
A:yeah, it has user manual. sure, if you want electronic version, pls contact our customer service team.

Q:Also no instruction manual !and no cleaning cloth ?
A:the user manual and cleaning cloth placed in side pouch. Pls check carefully.

Q:Can this be mounted to a helmet with a j-arm?
A:I'm not sure. It has a picatinny rail on it like to mount a laser or somthing of that nature

ACPOTEL Range Finder

Q:What is the battery life?
A:Continuous operation times about 5000 times (25°C). The times will change depend on the different usage conditions.

Q:Are the battery rechargeable? If so how??
A:It does come with a battery, but not rechargeable.

Q:How do i turn it off?
A:You can't turn it off like a TV, other than take out the battery! Once the battery is installed, pressing and holding the power button can only change to different function.

Q:How quickly and accurately does it detect the speed of a car?
A:hello there,
the speed measurement range:18-300km/h, the angle must be less than 10°, the smaller the angle, the higher the accuracy.

Q:Can i use it if i are wearing a glass?
A:Yes, of course. You can use it with glasses, or you can also take off your glasses to adjust the eyepiece knob to get HD target.

Q:Can you switch it to measure in meters?
A:Hello yes, yards or meters are avaible, press the "M" button for 3 seconds to change Yard into Meter.

Q:Is there a backlight to help read distance in bad lighting conditions?
A:Did not encounter this situation.
However, due to the fog in the autumn morning, the rangefinder cannot measure the distance correctly. Almost all rangefinders have the same problem.

Q:can the LCD display be turned off? to save battery?
A:Based on my use of the rangefinder the only time the LCD display comes on is when I have pressed the range finder button. Very shortly there after the device appears to be in sleep mode.

Q:what is the eye relief, i.e. distance from the eyepiece to get full view? or does your eye need to be right up against the eyepiece to see full view?
A:Yes,my eye need to be right up against the eyepiece to see full view.

Q : What are the modes of this laser rangefinder?
A:7 measurement modes: scan mode, slope compensation mode, point-to-point measurement mode, speed measurement mode, flag lock mode, height measurement mode, distance measurement mode.

Q:What is the measurement accuracy and max distance?
A:The measurement accuracy is 0.5 yard, the measurement distance can upto 750 Yards.

Q:Can i use it for hunting?
A:Yes, of course. Golf Sports and Hunting are both perfect.

Q:Can it measure distance to other things than just the flag i.e. hazards, carts, trees, other golfers?
A:hello Yes, it can pick up any target including trees, bunkers, hazards, carts etc. As long as the object is in your line of sight, you can generate a distance

Q:Can I turn slope adjustment on and off for it?
A:Hello, the laser rangefinder has angle switch button. you can use the flag-lock and distance measurement modes when turn off the angle switch; you also can use the golf scan mode / slope adjustment / speed measurement modes etc when turn on the angle switch.