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ACPOTEL is a professional laser measurement high-tech enterprise integrating R&D

ACPOTEL is a professional laser measurement high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. Its main products include laser rangefinders, laser rangefinders, laser rangefinders and lidars. In the next few years, we will continue to enter the fields of industrial automation and intelligence, visual imaging, consumer electronic tools, etc., and is committed to providing global users with diversified high-quality laser measurement products and professional solutions.s sit amet lectus et justo feugiat euismod sed non erat. Nulla non felis id metus bibendum iaculis quis sit amet eros. Nam suscipit mollis tellus vel malesuada. 

ACPOTEL 5X - 8X zoom for day and night universal night vision bino

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  Night vision reimagined We’re going where no binoculars have gone before – because binoculars should do so much more than magnify what reaches beyond...
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ACPOTEL 5X - 8X zoom for day and night universal night vision bino

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Night vision reimagined

We’re going where no binoculars have gone before – because binoculars should do so much more than magnify what reaches beyond the eye. Our innovative team have completely overhauled the binocular concept from the ground up, going back to the first days of binoculars in 1702. Through comprehensive redesigning and analysis of the binoculars’ most frustrating flaws, we’ve created something with a bigger screen, built-in night vision that lasts for up to 8 hours on a single charge, and the power to bring the darkness to life and light like never before in history.

With an in-built 2000mAh rechargeable lithium battery, you can reuse your Night Vision Binoculars again and again without needing to constantly recharge. Save the environment and your sanity, with Night Vision Binoculars that promise 8 hours on uninterrupted power when IR lighting is deactivated. Plus, you can recharge up to 20000 times. In terms of energy saving, environmentally friendliness and convenience, Can any alkaline battery compare?


New video

Trinocular design


Our modified binocular build features a space-saving trinocular design that delivers more impressive visual clarity under even the most complicated of conditions. Thanks to its multiple coating full optical system, come rain, shine, or snow, your new Night Vision Binoculars will see it all – and your presence will never be exposed to the creatures of the night thanks to hidden lens technology.


Military-grade precision

With horizontal and vertical marking – coupled with cross front sight – you can effortlessly adjust your angle, track targets with speed and flexibility, and immerse in your passions with professionalism and precision. With three different visual effects and a fully multi-coated lens, you can transform any scene before your eyes into an unforgettable adventure in the wild.

Three immersion modes

In order to avoid boring picture display, ACPOTEL has three display modes: game mode, professional mode, and pure mode. According to the scene you observe, you can set different experience modes. Different modes combine with different observation scenarios to increase your immersion. Sense, like being on the scene.

The battery that powers ACPOTEL supports 3-level 850nm IR brightness adjustment with a wavelength of 850nm. See further, see clearer, and see with more clarity than ever before for up to 500m. With high- and low-beam dual IR lighting, ACPOTEL effortlessly adapts to both short- and long-distance, bringing that which hides in the darkness into flawless light and focus.

Light up the dark the ACPOTEL way with professional-grade photo and video capture. Light up your subjects with just as much clarity in the dark as under the summer sun.

Large HD screen

Insanely comfortable

Having binoculars pressed up against your face doesn’t sound like the most comfortable thing on Earth – and it isn’t, unless you have ACPOTEL in your arsenal. ACPOTEL nestles itself against your face like it was meant to be there, offering comfortable wear matched only by the protection of the built-in eye shield. Even glasses-wearers will enjoy the same uninterrupted immersive experience, accompanied by a cross-grip design that works in unison with the elbow’s natural bending position.

5X~8X zoom

Typically, choosing to zoom in means choosing to drastically reduce the quality of your view. That all changes with ACPOTEL, offering 5X optical zoom and 8X digital zoom while maintaining the integrity of your view with every incremental zoom.

Freeze-Frame Or capture motion

From breathtaking still images to mesmerizing video, ACPOTEL captures it all even in total darkness. ACPOTEL sees what no human can with crystal-clear precision. Only ACPOTEL can deliver such exceptional optical clarity, with 500m/1640 feet infinity even in the most poorly lit conditions. Pitch blackness stands no chance against the illuminating power of ACPOTEL.

Easy to operate

Concise UI interface, one-click recording/photographing, simple operation, more comfortable to use, you can adjust the exposure and sensitivity of the picture.

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